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Interested in serving God and others at a Lutheran summer camp? We are looking for Christ-centered individuals who want to make an impact this summer in outdoor ministry. Summer staff positions range from cabin leaders, kitchen staff, programming and leadership staff, VBS teams, life guards, maintenance, and more.

Camp Luther of Nebraska works with over 2o Lutheran camps across the country to recruit passionate individuals that can fulfill various roles for each camp. By partnering with NLOMA (National Lutheran Outdoor Ministry Association), Camp Luther is able to hire staff from all around the country to work here in Nebraska, but also assist Nebraskans who would like the opportunity to work outside of the state find a camp they would enjoy!

"How can I apply?"

1. Request an application on NLOMA’s website:

2. Complete the application. If you want to serve at Camp Luther of Nebraska, make sure to select "Camp Luther-NE" as your top choice.

3. When you submit your application, it will be sent to the camp you selected as your top choice. That camp will contact you about the next steps.

If the camp you selected is unable to offer you a position, your second choice camp or region may be in contact with you.

Camp Luther's staff training begins Friday May 24th, and the summer camp season officially closes on Sunday, August 4th. We hope you will consider joining our team!