Kathrine Brown

Name: Katherine Brown

Hometown: Grand Island, Nebraska

Number of Years on staff: This is my first year as a camp counselor!

Education: I am going to be a sophomore at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. I’m majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Special Education.

Why are you excited for Camp Luther?: I love spreading the word of God to kids while doing fun outdoor activities!

Favorite Bible Character: I like Mary because she is a very strong woman who when faced with hardship, trusted in the Lord even though everyone thought she was a lair.

Favorite bible verse: John 17:33, “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world”

Favorite camp activity: I have never been to camp but I really enjoy hiking. I look forward to making new memories!

How people can pray for me: It would be greatly appreciated if you could pray for me to keep the same energy and enthusiasm every week and to give my all into loving on the kids. Pray that the Lord is with everyone at Camp and that we can have an awesome summer!