Jenna Fredrickson

Age:  19

Home City/State: Concordia, Kansas

Number of Years on staff/Position: This is my first year on staff, and I am a counselor!

School and Major/Area of Study: I will be a Junior at Concordia University, Nebraska and my major is K-12 Vocal and Instrumental Music Education.

Why are you excited to work at Camp Luther this summer? I am so excited to work with all the amazing campers who will be at Camp Luther this summer, and to help them grow in their faith in God, as well as growing in my own faith.

Who is one of your favorite Bible characters? One of my favorite Bible characters is Esther, because she is not afraid to stand up for her faith in God.

What is your favorite Bible verse? “Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises!” Psalm 98:4 ESV

What is your favorite camp activity? I love singing camp songs and sitting next to campfires!

What items would you love to receive in a care package? I would love to receive any snack food or candy, coloring books, string for friendship bracelets, colorful pens, hair ties, and words of encouragement.

How can people pray for you this summer? This is my first summer at camp, so any prayers for me to grow in experiences and to have the wisdom to spread the good news of Jesus Christ this summer. I would also love prayers for good health and the safety of everyone at camp.