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2017 His Kids Summer Camp

We are excited to offer four His Kids Summer Camp sessions this year! Two of them will be 4-day events, and the other two will be 3-day events. Get ready for s'mores, wagon rides, singing songs around the campfire, swimming, archery, dancing, zooming down the water slide, canoeing, kayaking, growing in your faith in Jesus and so much more! Our summer staff and volunteers are eager to help bring our guests great memories and fun centered around God's Word and His love! Below are our His Kids Summer Camp dates and prices.

Summer Camp A (4-day)     -     June 6-9     -    $300.00

Summer Camp B (4-day)     -    June 14-17     -    $300.00

Summer Camp C (3-day)     -    July 17-19     -    $225.00

Summer Camp D (3-day)     -    July 20-22     -    $225.00

Please note: There is an early bird discount of $20 if paid in full by April 21st! Also note: For each camp, please arrive by 10AM the first day. Departure will be at 4PM on the last day.

Below are links to everything you need to come to camp:

2017 Summer Camp Registration Form

2017 Health/Medications & Emergency Contact Forms (Need to be submitted annually)

2017 Annual Physical Form (Needs to be submitted annually)

What to Bring?